How to Graft a Loquat Tree

fruit trees grafting loquat Aug 08, 2015

Our local San Diego master of fruit, Ben Kotnik, was kind enough to walk me through a wedge graft on a loquat tree. You can find Ben at this year's Festival of Fruit or at his fruit nursery and landscaping design company Suburban Food Farm. Enjoy!

How to Graft a Loquat Tree

Ben Kotnik shows how to make a wedge graft

1. Remove foliage until growing tip is left

2. Carve wedge in cutting

3. Too much cambium was removed, hopefully the graft will fuse tight

4. Match diameter of cutting to root stock to line up cambium layers for proper fusion

5. Offset root stock cut to match cambium layers

6. Carefully cut into root stock stem

7. Root stock ready for grafting

8. Cover all of the exposed cutting but not the graft. don't worry about the growing tip as the parafilm with UV degrade

9. Be sure to get proper alignment of cambium layers

10. Ready to seal graft

11. Wrapping with clear floristry tape

12. Finished loquat graft

13. Write name of variety on tape. This loquat is called...

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