Spring Landscape Maintenance: Why Is It Important to Hire Professionals?

Uncategorized May 24, 2018

A beautiful landscape does not happen by itself; it is worked upon and created.

Revitalize Your Landscape


Flowers are blooming, rain is still here, and it's time to spruce up that tired landscape of yours. Hire our team to implement a soil building program, Integrated Pest Management, Professional fruit tree pruning, or growing and harvesting of your landscape. Spring cleanup is a basic segment of your landscaping schedule to recover from the aftermath of winter's cold frosts and summer's grueling heat! 

Our experts at Ecology Artisans give you the landscaping solutions and provide services to enhance the appearance and resiliency of your landscape or farm. We are experts in building soil, harvesting water, and preparing your landscape to shine even into the dry summer months. 

Tailored Approach

As a property owner, you might consider going up against your garden care and spring cleanup task yourself. However, the experienced and craftsman approach we take can save you time and energy this spring season. We have the energy and passion to provide quality services. We can customize a specific approach for your yard. If you have a lawn, that's fine, we can make it more ecological and reduce your water usage by building your soil's capacity to hold water. 

We can build the organic matter in your soil, which allows us to store more water. For every 1% increase in organic matter in your soil, you can store an extra 20,000 gallons of water per acre. 

While you handle other essential day-to-day chores in your bustling calendar, you can be certain your landscaping needs are in the hands of experienced industry experts. When you call professionals, they get to the base of issues in your outdoor landscape and advise an altered, detailed plan to deal with every single problem.

The rainy season here in San Diego can cause erosion issues, which can be mitigated and cleaned up by our knowledgeable staff. We can revitalize tired plants with a soil building program. We can plant some color and flowers to make the yard pop. 

Agriculture Specialists

With a solid capability in horticulture and a deep understanding of agriculture, we can help you grow your own food or install a garden/food forest. Do you have tired fruit trees or nutrient deficient soils? We can address and solve these issues in no time. 

Pre-summer is the perfect time to employ the professionals to help alter the damage and revamp your outside spaces. Get your landscape ready before the brutal temperatures of summer arrive. Get some mulch on the ground the conserve irrigation water and maybe even install a rainwater harvesting tank! 

At Ecology Artisans, the spring landscape maintenance will guarantee you're well on your way to a wonderful outside space. The more work the experts put into your bushes, trees, garden, and green spaces in the spring, the better they will perform in the mid-year and fall.

We take pride in teaching our customers and sharing insights to encourage landscaping overhauls.

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