San Diego Landscape Installation

Our landscape technicians will bring your beauty and life to your landscape.

Installing drought tolerant landscapes throughout San Diego Country

Our landscape construction and installation team can turn your design or vision into reality. Professionally trained, licensed, fully insured, and competent, we are San Diego’s number one ecological landscaping installation contractor.

Demolition, Site Prep and Grading

Prior to making things look pretty, we usually have to destroy and move things around a bit. But, rest assured, we take the greatest care and attention to make sure the process is as smooth and unobtrusive as possible.

Our Landscape Technicians can demo most anything you need, and get the site prepped for the next phases of your landscaping. Grading and site prep is done without cutting corners, and we aim to minimize or eliminate collateral damage to other areas of your site.

We surf and enjoy our ocean, too, and we follow all municipal and governmental Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect our storm drains and waterways.

Irrigation Layout and Infrastructure

Everything needs water, even desert plants. Our team of professionally trained Landscape Technicians can install bullet-proof and dependable irrigation systems to match your site’s water needs. We are also trained on water wise irrigation techniques and know how to most efficiently identify and irrigate your various hydrozones.

We promote and use high efficiency irrigation technology like dripline tubing and MP rotators to use the right amount to reduce water waste. New technology is constantly coming online and we like to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest methods for saving water.

Planting Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs and Trees

A landscape isn’t complete without some living beings to hold space, and we’ve felt it many times. After finishing prep and hardscape work, the landscape literally comes alive when we start planting. It’s a great feeling and showcases just how crucial they are to the final product.

From succulents to California natives to edible fruit, we can install any plant you need from small plugs up to massive boxed trees. We also source only the highest quality plant material from local nurseries.

Our team is trained in horticulture, plant care, and proper planting techniques to ensure a very high survival rate of the plants we install. We also warranty our trees, and woody shrubs for one-year from planting as long as they’ve been taken care of as instructed.

Rainwater Harvesting

Our team specializes in rainwater harvesting and our installations are proof of that. From simple basins to complex roof rainwater catchment installations, we know the value and importance of capturing free water.

We partner with local gutter contractors to plumb rainwater harvesting tanks and cisterns for later use in your landscape. We can also design and install systems for potable or other water uses.

Reach out to us today to discuss the potential for harvesting rain on your landscape and let’s sink more water into our soils instead of sending it straight to the ocean!

Greywater and Laundry-to-Landscape

People, and municipalities, are starting to catch on about greywater (used water from sinks*, showers, and laundry) and its potential for landscape irrigation. Thankfully, we’re pros at designing and installing greywater systems and you’re in good hands.

Our favorite systems are laundry-to-landscape because San Diego County allows you to install them without a permit. These systems, depending on where your washing machine is located in your house, are also quite easy to install. Most installs take a day at most.

If you want to also reuse water from bathroom sinks and showers, we can help. These systems require permitting, which we can help guide you on, but are another wonderful way to reduce your dependency on potable municipal water for irrigation.

* Kitchen sinks aren’t included because they are classified as black water sources due to high levels of bacteria and organic particles entering them.

Water Features

Who doesn’t love the sound of trickling water? We certainly do, and our team enjoys blending water features that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings.

Coupled with our extensive rainwater harvesting experience, we also know how to capture rainwater that can be used and cycled through your water feature to make your landscape that more green!

Want a natural pool? Contact us today to get started on converting your existing pool to a natural one (or start from scratch!).


In addition to our softscape skills, we offer a wide range of hardscape options for your landscape installation. From flagstone patios to stamped concrete entrance ways, we can transform your dull space into an inviting extended living space or curb appeal improvement.

Some of our hardscaping specialties include: retaining walls, fences, patio pavers, flagstone, concrete, CMU block walls, boulders and stone, pergolas, and dry creek beds.

We look forward to delivering a solid, long lasting landscaping hardscape feature that you can enjoy for years to come.

Carpentry & Construction

We love wood. It’s regenerative (if grown and harvested properly), has warmth and adds a soft, natural look to a landscape.

From raised veggie beds to decks to you-name-it, our skilled craftsmen will be happy to build your dreams.


"Ecology Artisans did a great job transforming our ugly, neglected backyard into a beautiful place for birds, bees, butterflies, and people. They made our ugly and cracked concrete patio both permeable and beautiful. They added additional fencing to match existing new fencing. They spruced up an ugly but functional concrete retaining wall with a wood facing to match the fence. Finally, they added swales to our sloped yard and planted a variety of fruit trees, grapevines, native plants, and native grasses. Everyone was great to work with."

Our attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship in everything we do ensures that you’re left with a quality, long-lasting product.

We look forward to bringing your landscape design to the life!

Professional Landscape Design Consultation

Our landscape designers are available to help you envision all the opportunities for maximizing your sites ecological potential.


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Professional Landscape Design Consultations

During this on-site visit, we’ll discuss your vision, goals, and our suggestions for your design.

Please fill out the form below (takes about 10 minutes) to get started! Consultations last 1-1.5 hours, start at $150 for small homes. Projects needing a design are provided suggestions and feedback. Projects ready for install are provided a non-binding install estimate. This consultation fee is credited if you sign an installation contract (design contracts are excluded).

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