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We help you vision, design and install your own small farm.

Grow and raise healthy, happy food!

Our trained designers and installers know how to build small farms that restore ecosystems while growing soil and food! We not only design and manage systems for you, but we walk the talk and lead by example on our own farms.

Our Work In Action

Kevin Muno walks through Salt Lick Farm to demonstrate our small, hobby farm design for a recent client in Rancho Santa Fe.


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Are you excited to begin dreaming and designing your very own regenerative and ecosystem restoration based farm!?



"I worked with  Ecology Artisans on a project in Louisiana called Emerald Land. It involved advising me on the potential of the 8000+ acres of marshland and pump-off land as an regenerative farm with livestock and perennial crop management. We spent four days together on the property identifying species, taking soil and water samples and generally determining the quality of the land for the future I had in mind. The end result was a 57 page in depth report with a very detailed analysis of the property and its possibilities. Presented within a fifteen year time frame and recommendations. This report was presented by myself to the board of Emerald Land. The project is still ongoing and will most likely be realized in the spring of 2017.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and would not hesitate to recommend them for any ecological project." -Willem Van Aalst

Land Visioning

By understanding your goals, desires, and wishes and combining that with our ecological and regenerative background, we can show you the potential of your land

Design Concepts

Once we understand your goals and the possibility and potential of the land we can create a concept plan to work thorough the big ideas. For many projects this may be all that is needed. For others we may wish to get a bit more granular and refine the details.

Farm Planting Plan



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Professional Landscape Design Consultations

During this on-site visit, we’ll discuss your vision, goals, and our suggestions for your design.

Please fill out the form below (takes about 10 minutes) to get started! Consultations last 1-1.5 hours, start at $150 for small homes. Projects needing a design are provided suggestions and feedback. Projects ready for install are provided a non-binding install estimate. This consultation fee is credited if you sign an installation contract (design contracts are excluded).

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