Get Your "Resilience Garden" Going!

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Ensure Your Food Security With A "Resilience" Garden!

While the best time to get a garden going was a few months ago, the next best time is now. With grocery stores, farms, and ranches all experiencing shortages we want to help our community work together and get some food gardens going in this time.

Our Steel Planter Veggie Garden's Include:

  • Steel Planter
  • Filled with high quality soil
  • Topped with rich organic compost and worm castings for nutrient rich garden veggies
  • Planted with a mix of veggies starts and seeds to be determined with you
  • Delivery and setup
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Our Priority is Safety  

Our team is dedicated to safety during the installation of your garden including:

  • Working in teams of 2 or less 
  • Wearing sterile gloves especially while planting
  • Sterilizing all metal surfaces once complete

Choose the Number of Garden Planters that you Want

One Steel Garden Planter

$825.00 USD
Two Steel Garden Planters

$1,450.00 USD
Three Steel Garden Planters

$2,175.00 USD
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