COVID-19 Community Food Response !

We care deeply about our community and want to help folks design water and food resilience into their homes. 

Free ONLINE 20 minute edible garden coaching and consulting

Learn to get backyard food production up and running quickly during the quarantine

* Limited to the first 20 households

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Set up a veggie garden

Site design, materials acquisition, and coaching.

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Rainwater Tank Systems

Backup water for emergencies. Collect some of this rain

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Laundry to Landscape 

Do laundry, water fruit trees. We show you how

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Chickens and Quail Setups

Backyard eggs are the best and freshest eggs possible

Food Systems are In Short Supply

While the best time to get a garden going was a few months ago, the next best time is now. With grocery stores, farms, and ranches all experiencing shortages we want to help our community work together and get some food gardens going in this time.

We can walk you through:

  • Where to position your garden
  • Quick growing crops
  • Garden bed options
  • Seeds and plants
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Small Animals: Chickens and Quail

Quail can start producing eggs in just a few weeks from hatching and can be a sustainable meat option. Quail require hardly any space. Chickens take a bit longer, but can be used as well. 

Let us work with you on an animal system.

Rainwater and Greywater Harvesting Systems

While it appears our municiple water supplies are not going to be affected, having a backup supply in place can offer some peace of mind. 

We answer any questions about setting up simple and effective systems. With rain still on the horizon, now is the time for a tank. 

We can also quickly walk you through setting up your washing machine to irrigate a few fruit trees either temporarily or for the long term.

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Together we can get through this crisis and support one another. Even while "socially distancing," now is the time to work together

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